My 2014 Read List

The Unwritten
Written by Mike Carey
Drawn by Peter Gross

This is a book that has been on my radar for a while, but has never quite made it to my read it list, which changes now. A book about the child of a famous author – who may or may not have had the books written based on him, or about him, the story sounds fascinating, and has been consistently highly rated.  I thoroughly enjoyed Mike Carey’s run on X-men Legacy. I’ve included part of the blurb from the first trade, which obviously does a much better job at explaining itself than I do

Tom Taylor’s life was screwed from go. His father created the Tommy Taylor fantasy series, boy-wizard novels with popularity on par with Harry Potter. The problem is Dad modeled the fictional epic so closely to Tom’s real life that fans are constantly comparing him to his counterpart, turning him into the lamest variety of Z-level celebrity. In the final novel, it’s even implied that the fictional Tommy will crossover into the real world, giving delusional fans more excuses to harass Tom.

When an enormous scandal reveals that Tom might really be a boy-wizard made flesh, Tom comes into contact with a very mysterious, very deadly group that’s secretly kept tabs on him all his life. Now, to protect his own life and discover the truth behind his origins, Tom will travel the world, eventually finding himself at locations all featured on a very special map — one kept by the deadly group that charts places throughout world history where fictions have impacted and tangibly shaped reality, those stories ranging from famous literary works to folktales to pop culture. And in the process of figuring out what it all means, Tom will find himself having to figure out a huge conspiracy mystery that spans the entirety of the history of fiction

The more research I did for this, the more I want to read Lucifer (Mike Carey’s series before The Unwritten) too.

Written by Mark Waid
Art by Paolo Rivera, Marcos Martin, Chris Samnee, Mike Allred (and more!)

I mean come on, look at the list of artists! I feel more shamed that I haven’t tried this book before! When Mark Waid started on this title it was something I decided to pick up in trades (and then I got waaaaay behind in the trade buying), and it gathered a lot of hype, from the fantastic storytelling and the innovative ways that the artists portrayed his powers.  So yeah, bring on the daredevil.


Everything by Mike Mignalo

Like most people, I’ve seen the movies, and although I thoroughly enjoyed the first hellboy when it came out (not so good on the rewatch though, not sure if it was just fun then, or because I was younger), and then the second left a lot wanting. But the original material has been on my want to read list for a while. Honestly I really wanted the hardcovers released a couple of years back, So I’ll probably try and track those down. Fingers crossed for me (Yeah I have a thing for hardcovers and omnibus’s, what of it?)

All New X-Man/Uncanny X-men
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Chris Bachalo, Frazer Irving, Stuart Immonen

I’m pretty sure you need to read All New X-men to be reading Uncanny X-men, so I think I’ll need to commit to both in the grand scheme of things. I’ve always been a huge X-men fan and a couple of years back. I was reading all the X-men I could get my hands on, but I slipped off a bit. But this has been sounding good, and the previews always look good, so I’ll be jumping back on the X-men train

Bonus – Chris Bachalo. I’m such a fan-girl for anything with Chris Bachalo involved. I once read Spider-man. But don’t go letting people know that.

Adapted and drawn by Darwyn Cooke

This has been on my read list for a while (which is being said way too often on this list for my liking) or (ugh I’ve heard myself say that so many times on this list) It’s had great reviews, and Greg Rucka (talked about further on trust me) has given me a hunkering for Private investigators at the moment (Maybe I should have talked about Rucka first before I referenced talking about him…). So they have been purchased on Comixology. And the Parker will be happening (Honestly I’d like to read the books too, but that’s for another list, or something).

Strangers in Paradise

Written and Drawn by Terry Moore

I still remember the first time I heard about Strangers in Paradise. I was listening to the Watchtower podcast and they had Terry Moore on to interview and they were talking about his upcoming series Spider-man loves Mary Jane (for those of you interested that series came out in 2008/2009, so it was a while ago) and Donny (Questie) and Jeff then started talking about how fantastic it was which went something like this (which I still remember to this day – but obviously I’m so paraphrasing) ‘I recommend it to everyone and they ask me what it is about and I tell them – it’s about two women and their feelings – and then I see their eyes glossing over so I say but it’s got Yakuza!’

From that review on I really wanted to read Strangers in Paradise, but the only thing out at the time was the pocket editions, and I wasn’t that keen on them. So it got pushed aside. Then I read his work on Runaways –Awesome. And when the Echo omnibus came out I bought and devoured that, also awesome. So last year when the SIP omnibus set was release I snatched myself up a copy asap. And it’s been sitting on my bookshelf ever since. But this year I am doing it. Bring on the Strangers in Paradise

Written by Tim Seeley
Drawn by Mike Norton

This series looked pretty good when it was released, plus it was written by Tim Seeley of Hack Slash fame (read the first volume). Since its release it has been very well received, and I have now purchased it on Comixology, so come at me Revival

Journey Into Mystery
Written by Kathryn Immonen
Drawn by Valerio Schiti

Kathryn Immonen. Need I say more? No but I will. Kathryn Immonen has not (in my opinion) received the fans she should have yet. Heralds was a fantastic book, filled with humour and awesomeness, but didn’t get the credit it deserved, and I think many people avoided it because of what it looked like. It’s disappointing to see that this got cancelled and if I had been more on the ball I would have bought the single issues (support yo!) but nope, dropped the ball there. So bring on the trades. Please.

A Boy and A Girl
Written by Jamie S Rich
Drawn by Natalie Nourigat

 Well this hasn’t been on my want-to-read-list for a while, so at least there’s that. Basically the review sounded fantastic, and so does the art

And if you want to read the review, it’s a great review, you should really just go to the source.

Written by Matt Fraction
Drawn by David Aja

Oh Matt Fraction – there are so many things of his I want to read (oh Casanova) and although I haven’t read a huge amount of his work I’ve enjoyed what I have read (like Immortal Iron Fist). Does it count that I’m also a huge fan of his wife’s work(Kelly Sue DeConnick) and that makes me want to check out more of his work (well Kelly Sue is amazing, so surely some of her amazing must have rubbed of on him – side note, anyone who is not reading Pretty Deadly, should be). The covers of this have been amazing, and I’d love to see his work on Hawkeye, purchases coming your way Marvel.

The Wake
Written by Scott Synder
Drawn by Sean Murphy

People are talking about this. A lot. So I want to check it out. That’s pretty much it… sorry to disappoint.

Written by Greg Rucka
Drawn by Michael Lark

Another one solely on the writers’ talent, Greg Rucka is pretty fantastic. I’ve just finished the second volume of Stumptown and not only was that FANTASTIC but at the end of each episode he had a page to say what the Private Investigator genre was to him, and what made up the PI genre, the whole collection of those made me A, want to read anything and everything he has ever written, and B, really want to read some PI novels.

So I’ll start with the first trade of Lazarus thanks, and go from there.

Demeter, The Mire, and Wolves
Written and Drawn by Becky Cloonan

Becky Cloonan makes good art. And she’s been making these mini-comics for a while now, and it feels like I’d be missing the point if I purchased just one. I’ve heard good things about them, so I’m pretty excited (but not about purchasing them, shipping to Australia is always lame. I could but e-copys, but I think they’re going to be so pretty, and I really want to own them. But who knows, if it’s really ridiculous (the shipping) I might cave.

Young Avengers
Written by Kieron Gillen
Drawn by Jamie McKelvie

I’ve been a big fan of Young Avenger since it was released. The first volumes were so good. That’s not to say there haven’t been problems, I never finished the children’s crusade (and I love Scarlet Witch, also I think it would have been much better in trades, it just dragged on and on) which now that I think about it might have an effect on this… But that aside, this book was looking fantastic, and it kept my favourite characters And there’s kid Loki in it too? Booya. Anywoo, I’m looking forward to reading this.

Written by Warren Ellis
Drawn by John Cassidy

The omnibus for this is being released in 2014 and I have been waiting for it for what feels like forever! Bring on the Planetary!
That is all

Special mention – Webcomic category


Everything by Noelle Stevenson

1979 semi-finalist recommended this. So yeah, that and the grabs she used looked hilarious. And that’s reason enough for me.


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